Monday, February 13, 2012

Stores That Raise Prices In Response To Coupons

One of my favorite lips balms is the Baby Lips by Maybelline, so I am familiar with the prices most stores are charging for it.  Generally it is $3.99.

I always wait until there is a coupon for Maybelline lip products available before I buy any.  Two months ago Target and Maybelline had coupons out, so I should have been able to pick them up almost for free.  Much to my chagrin Target had raised their price for Baby Lips to over $5.  They lowered the price back to $3.99 after the coupons expired.

This week a very good coupon came out, so I decided to pick up two lip balms at Walgreens.  Well, Wags had raised their price to $4.49.  Since stores are paid $1.08 for every $1 coupon they accept I find it insulting when they raise their prices to offset the coupon discount.

The only reason I had gone to Walgreens was because I had a $8 off my entire purchase coupon.  Otherwise I would have walked out of the store.  FYI Baby Lips is only $2.79 at Walmart.  With the $2 off Maybelline lip product coupon from yesterdays paper, that makes it just 79 cents.  Skip Walgreens and Target this time.

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