Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bad Case of Writers Block

I have been staring at my blog for several days trying desperately to think of something to write.  Since I usually write in response to my everyday experiences, I can only conclude that my life has become very boring as of late.  So, here are some random thoughts:

My vitamin D levels are way down again, so my doctor has upped my daily dosage.  If you feel tired and lethargic and can't figure out why, get your vitamin D levels checked.  It's a simple blood test.  Unfortunately, it will be a while before I get my energy back.

It's in the 80's F and the pollen levels are high.  Everyone has runny noses and red eyes in my home.  Really attractive.

Time to get ready to garden.  You will soon hear about my garden clean up efforts.  Our plants have been confused by this warm winter.  The azaleas are about to bloom.

Last Saturday we went down to Sarasota to the Amish/Mennonite part of town (near Fruitville Rd) and has a wonderful lunch at Troyers Restaurant.  It's an interesting area because you get to see people from just about every community all together.  From extremely conservative Old Order Amish to liberal Mennonite and Beachy Amish.  The variations in clothing and head coverings are endless (each community/congregation determines dress guidelines).  One thing that is unique to Florida is that many of the women, even those that are dressed conservatively, have bare legs and wear flip flops.

Time to start cleaning house (nothing interesting there either).  If you have any subjects that you want me to write about please let me know in the comments section.

God bless,

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