Thursday, January 12, 2012

Use Your Library To Obtain E-Books

Nothing will ever replace the feel and joy of holding a well beloved book in my hands.  I will always be a lover of bound books.  But, I have also discovered the convenience of the e-book.  My ipod is easy to bring with me on trips, is multifunctional and it holds many books in the space of one.  My daughter also reads many books on her Kindle, especially when she is transporting the books to and from school (her backpack is heavy enough with textbooks).

Most people know that many of the classics and some instructional books are available for free thanks to the Guggenheim Project.  Just Google "free e-books" to find the names of sites that will allow you to download the books.

Within the last year my county's library cooperative has begun to offer e-books to check out for up to fourteen days.  This is through an agreement with Amazon and the books are Kindle books.  You will need an Amazon account to use this system, but it is well worth it.

I have been happily checking out books for myself and DD.  No running back to the library to return an overdue book; it just is no longer available on your device.  One problem is that this has become popular very quickly and some e-books have a lengthy waiting list.

So, once again the library becomes my favorite place to get books.  I just love the library!

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  1. My daughters use their ipads for school-the school puts their text books on the ipads to limit the weight of their backpacks.

    I love libraries too : )