Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Frugal Home: Repairing Scratched Furniture

Most of the furniture in my living room was either bought used or given to us by relatives and because of this there are some condition problems that need to be covered on occasion.  While getting the living room back into it's pre-Christmas arrangement, I noticed that the scratches on one of the end tables were becoming very noticeable.  Time for some camouflage.

Ouch!  Okay, Who Did This?

At the hardware store you should be able to find stain markers in the paint section.  It will save you time to buy them in light, medium and dark in advance.  I have had mine for years and as long as the top is on tight it should last.

Try To Match Wood Color

Choose the stain marker that matches the wood color and start filling in the scratch area.  Try not to go much beyond the area of the scratch.  Wipe the excess off with a rag, because if you get distracted like I did, it will take some heavy rubbing to get it off.

Super Simple

The marker I chose was really too dark for the table I fixed today, so you can still see the scratches, but this repair isn't permanent and will fade with time.  But I think it looks better than having big old white scratches.

Part Of The Problem Is That I Waited Before Wiping

Now discretely cover the scratched areas with a coaster and knick knacks and no one will be the wiser.

Scratches What Scratches?  That's Aging, Not Scratches.

Soon my table will be vintage and then, a fine antique.

God bless,


  1. Thanks for sharing this,in this economy we can use all the help we can get,and looks super simple,again thanks ! Blessings Jane

  2. A great tip! I've also used sharpie markers on things with scratches-like picture frames.