Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Frugal Kitchen: Kombucha Part 2

After seven days it is time to taste test your Kombucha.  Slip a straw past the SCOBY to see if the Kombucha has reached the sourness you desire.  While I sometimes drink Kombucha that is so sour it almost tastes like vinegar, I prefer an equal amount of sweet and sour flavor.

If you like the way it tastes it is time to bottle.  Using glass or stainless steel bottles (I save glass bottles from other beverages) you need to wash them well in a hot water and vinegar solution.  Also wash the funnel you will be using.

Remove the SCOBY to a bowl with two cups of Kombucha.  Hey look, there should be a baby SCOBY in your brewing container.  Save the baby in a glass jar with enough Kombucha to cover and place in a dark place with a cloth or coffee filter cover.  Should something happen to your main SCOBY (mold, fruit flies) the babies will be your backup.

Fill your bottles with the Kombucha and seal with screw top lids.  If you want to develop carbonation fill the bottles a close to the top as possible.  Now place the bottles on an absorbent towel in a place away from light and cover with another towel.  Let the bottled Kombucha ferment for three or four days.  Vent the lids daily or the gas build up could cause a bottle to explode.  After three or four days place the bottles in the refrigerator.

If you want to add flavoring to the Kombucha place spices, herbs or fruit juice to the bottles before the last fermenting.  Since I use a tea that has flavor already in it I skip this step.

Your Kombucha is now ready to drink.  I suggest you start out with 4 ounces a day and build your way up to a glass or two a day.  Enjoy!

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