Saturday, October 6, 2012

Burlap Rice Bag Pillows

I love to find new uses for those interesting items that sometimes find their way into our lives.  We eat a large amount of rice in our family, so I buy basmati rice in bulk.  Several times the basmati came packaged in plastic inside a zipped burlap bag.

The graphics on these bags are striking and attractive in a rustic way.  When I look at them and see how they are constructed with a zipper at one end, I think of a decorative pillow case.  Just insert an inexpensive pillow form, zip and you have a modern, casual throw pillow.

Can't you just see these in a casual, outdoor setting?  It reminds me that our grandparents would never have thrown a bag like this away.  They would have found some way to have made good use of it.  Think of the undergarments that were made of the printed portion of feed sacks.  I've heard of several instances where a woman was embarrassed when she realized that the printing showed through her dress fabric.  Nothing like being a walking advertisement for chicken feed.

I can also see this bag being cut up and turned into scrubbing pads or used as a carryall bag.  Just use your imaginations!

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