Friday, August 3, 2012

The Frugal Kitchen: Pancakes With Fresh Fruit

An easy summer supper was served here last night:  pancakes with fresh fruit.  Standing over a griddle is not fun in the heat, but pancakes for three people can be cooked quickly without overheating the kitchen.

We found some nice peaches the other day, so I peeled and sliced them and mixed them with a tablespoon of sugar.  These were left out in a bowl at room temperature to make some juices.

I used a basic pancake recipe from my handy dandy Joy Of Cooking (my copy is 31 years old).  The cooked pancakes were served topped with the sliced peaches and juice.  Maple syrup was served on the side for those that wanted extra sweetening.

Keep your left over pancakes in the refrigerator.  They heat up well in the microwave (15 seconds on high per pancake) and toaster.  An easy supper and next day breakfast.

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  1. My copy of Joy of Cooking is almost forty years old. Can't count the number of times I've used it -- too many to count!