Thursday, August 16, 2012

Returning Amazon Kindle Books

There are several authors that I enjoy that only self publish their books, so I purchase their books on Amazon and read them on my Kindle app.

I do take the reader ratings in consideration when buying Kindle books, but sometimes those ratings don't reflect the true quality of the book.  Fortunately, Amazon has a liberal return policy for their Kindle books.

You have seven days to return a book for a full refund.  Log into Amazon, go to My Account, Manage Your Kindle.  A list of all of your purchased Kindle books will come up.  Open the drop down list and choose the refund selection.  Another drop down list will ask the reason you are requesting a refund.  Confirm that you do want a refund and your credit card will be credited.

There is no reason to pay for a book that is of poor quality when purchasing an Amazon Kindle book.  But be honest, don't request refunds on books you have enjoyed.

God bless,


  1. So it's ok to steal a book if you didn't enjoy it? Because if you "buy" a book, and read it, then return it, it's stealing. You are taking the author's work without paying for it.

    1. I think you need to read my post again, specifically the last sentence. If I begin to read a book and realize that it is filled with editing/proofreading errors or the content is offensive to me, then I have the right to return the book. I suggest that you read Amazon Kindle's return policy.