Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Week As An Elf

I had the pleasure this week to spend three mornings working as a shopping elf at my daughter's school.  Each year the school has a holiday store where the children can shop for family and friends and have the gifts wrapped.  This costs a minimal amount due to some smart elf shopping.  The children enjoy themselves and are proud to have gifts for their family.

Well, this middle aged elf was pooped at the end of each morning.  My respect for elves everywhere and, especially, the school's elves is high.  Thank you.

In the evening the elves search local stores for reasonably priced gifts to restock the store.  I found some wonderful gifts at Walgreens in the cosmetics area.  They have small gift sets, holiday soaps, nail polish and lip gloss on sale.  Some of these are not advertised specials, so ask the cosmetics counter employee to point them out to you.

Unfortunately, men are being short changed when it comes to inexpensive gifts.  It is always hard to fill my DH's stocking and this year is one of the worst.  Keep your eye out for discounted itunes cards where you are given a store gift card for buying the itunes card.  Earbuds are always needing to be replaced.  A small LED flashlight is useful in the car (I keep them around the house in case the electric goes off).  The Flylady has the Hey Tom car duster, which is a great, water free way to keep the inside of the car clean.

Store elves need lots of wrapping paper, tape and bows.  Once again, Walgreens to the rescue.  They have gift sacks eight for 99 cents, a three pack of Scotch tape for $1.99, Hallmark wrapping paper 2 rolls for $1.99, BOGO ribbons for 99 cents and tissue paper for 99 cents.

Good luck on your frugal Christmas shopping.

God bless,

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