Monday, December 12, 2011

Frugal Christmas Crafts: Hand Made Silhouette Plates

Recently Tipper at Blind Pig and the Acorn showed some striking decorative plates she had painted of crow silhouettes.  I decided to translate this craft to a Christmas craft.

You need two things:  white plates from the thrift store and Martha Stewarts paint.  I like the MS paint because it is only $1.99 and can be painted on many surfaces, including glass and porcelain.

Print Christmas silhouettes off the internet by Googling for Christmas Silhouettes.  Print on card stock, then cut out.

My Favorite Silhouette

Trace the silhouette onto a plate using a sharpie marker.  If you can, use a sharpie that matches your paint color.

Three Simple Templates

Paint the outline of the silhouette, then fill in the center.  With the metallic paints you will probably need several layers.

Let cure for several days.  Then they are ready to decorate your home on plate holders or hangers.  Have fun!

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  1. Oh I love them! I knew it would look just as good with other shapes and it does : )