Monday, February 22, 2016

Radius Toothbrush

My daughter is very good about brushing her teeth, but I had noticed that she was sometimes missing the gum area of her teeth.  So I went hunting for a very soft bristled toothbrush with a head large enough to always stimulate the gums.

On the advice of a Youtube friend I discovered the Radius toothbrush.  I ordered the regular size for me to try and the childs size for my daughter.

After using this brush our teeth feel like they do after a cleaning at the dentist office.  It gently stimulates the gums and my daughter no longer has any inflammation of her gums.

If you have a small mouth order the childs size.

The frugal side of these brushes is that they are made to last for 9 months without being replaced.  If you feel that the brush needs sanitizing I would soak it in a peroxide and water bath.

I ordered mine from Vitacost, but they are also available through Amazon (link below).

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