Sunday, July 26, 2015

Random Acts of Kindness or Frugal Charity

First of all I have to say that I know that this post is going to make me sound ungrateful.  I get that, but my feelings are so strong on this subject I have to get them out or my head will explode.

Yesterday when I stopped at McDonalds to grab my family's weekly treat, the lady in the car in front of me had paid for my meal.  Apparently she wanted to do a random act of kindness and that was very nice of her.  My feelings about it were unexpected; I felt as though she had wasted her money.

I was by myself (no carful of kids), in a fairly new car that I paid for with cash (because I live frugally), and buying dinner for my daughter that attends a private school (also paid for with cash because my mother left a nice sum of money in her will for my daughter).  Frankly, I am blessed, lucky and I know it.

So, thank you nice lady, but there are people that really need your generosity.  I would rather see you save your extra money and donate it to a women's shelter, or a food bank or any charity with low administrative costs.

This post is about using your money wisely.  Doing the research and donating your money wisely.  Making sure that your money donation is used to help people, not to pay for a CEO's salary.  Helping people that truly need our generosity.

Here are some simple random acts of kindness that don't involve money:

Once again, thank you sweet lady for your generosity.  I really do appreciate your kindness.

God bless,

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