Sunday, January 12, 2014

I've Been Closed For Construction

I haven't been able to post very often because I have had construction going on around my house for a month and a half.  I had let some things go around here, so I decided that while repairs were being done I would have some other work done for esthetic reasons.

How did I start?  Well, as usual, with three estimates from reputable construction companies.  I researched companies using word of mouth, the internet, the Better Business Bureau and my county's Consumer Affairs Office.

I wrote and printed out exactly what I wanted done.  I not only did a walk around with the company's representatives, but they received the hardcopy.  It was amazing how different the estimates I received were.  Even with the hardcopy I gave out one company didn't include the most important work that I wanted done.  And their estimate was the most expensive!

One of the eternal varieties I learned from this project is that it will take double the time you think it will.  It will take double the time the construction company thinks it will.  I have spoken with friends and neighbors and they all agreed that this is true.  My job was supposed to be completed before Christmas, but this week the last task will be done.

My new driveway will be poured tomorrow and I am ready!  In a few days we will be able to park in our garage again!  Yay!

The Type of Driveway I Am Getting

The other big thing I learned is that even when I thought I had made myself clear about how I wanted something to look it wasn't always so.  I wish I had created a scrapbook of ideas by cutting out pictures from magazines or printing pictures from the internet.  A picture is worth a thousand words is absolutely true.  It is also necessary to check on the work often.  Several times I was able to catch a problem in the early stages just by walking around the house a couple of times a day.

I have promised myself that from now on repairs will be done when needed instead of letting them build up.  We'll see how I do with this.  By keeping on top of things I could have saved myself some money and a lot of hassle.

God bless,

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