Thursday, September 12, 2013

Living Life Fully and Other Musings

Yesterday I was watching a slideshow on my husband's computer of photographs taken of our DD when she was a young child.  In every photo her exuberance and obvious love of life had grins on our faces.  My favorites were of her dancing on the beach at the edge of the water.  Her feet seemed to be barely touching the ground.

The majority of adults lose this ability to love the moment.  We live for some day in the future when we will fulfill our life's dream of life on a farm, traveling the highways or whatever retirement plan we have nurtured.  I wonder how many people work for a retirement goal only to find themselves facing illness or financial loss after they reach retirement age?  Their dream unfulfilled because it was delayed.

Are you waiting to lose ten pounds before you treat yourself to a new dress?  Dreaming of hiking in Montana next summer?  Do you work all year to enjoy two weeks of vacation time?  It's time to buy the dress in a larger size, walk today with a loved one in a local park and schedule a date night every week with your spouse.  Let's enjoy ourselves.

I remember a quilting friend of mine.  We used to tease her that she was always ecstatic each day that the sun had risen again.  She was happy with the little joys God had given her and trusted that He would help her face her problems.  We loved her and she brought joy into the lives of all she touched.

Let's get living shall we?

God bless,

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