Friday, June 14, 2013

The Frugal Kitchen: Bibb and Blue Cheese Salad

We recently ate at Macaroni Grill and I had the Bibb and Blue salad.  It was so good I decided to recreate it as a vegetarian meal at home.

Bibb lettuce is one of my favorite lettuces for salads.  It has an almost meaty texture that gives it a very satisfying tooth feel.

First pickle some onions a few hours before serving the salad:

1 red or sweet (Vidalia) onion
1/4 tsp. salt
2 tsps. white sugar
2 tsps. red wine vinegar

Finely slice onion into rings.  Mix all ingredients in a bowl, cover and refrigerate.  Make extra to use as a condiment on sandwiches.  Really good!

The salad:

1 head bibb lettuce
blue cheese, crumbled
walnuts, fair sized pieces
pickled onions
ranch or buttermilk salad dressing

Rip the salad into easy to eat pieces.  Add blue cheese, walnut pieces and salad dressing.  Toss ingredients until the lettuce is covered with the dressing.  Serve with a garnish of pickled onions.

This salad is more of a meal than a side salad.  Delicious!

God bless,


  1. Aren't there fried onions in this salad? I think so, which makes the salad really good!

    1. The salads I've been served had pickled onions. Maybe they make them differently at different locations?

    2. I had both the pickled onions and fried onions on mine last Monday it was delicious- I thank you for posting this recipe I am making this tonight !!

  2. I love love love this salad from MG and I can't wait to do the pickled onions that's the KEY to the flavor, yes they also use crunchy ones as well and bacon etc. I can't wait to make this thanks a lot

  3. I love love love this salad from MG. the pickled onions are the key to its amazing flavor. Yes I've seen it have crunchy onions and bacon as well in addition to the pickled onions. But the key are the pickled onions and buttermilk ranch. Thanks can't wait to try this

  4. I remember fried onions and pickled spiraled beets.
    Honolulu, Hawaii