Monday, July 23, 2012

Out Of Grandma's Kitchen: Granny Fork

I don't remember either of my grandmas having much in the way of specialized cooking utensils.  A couple of stirring spoons, a spatula and a fork.

The three tined granny fork was used to turn meat, bacon and flip anything that wouldn't easily fall apart.  It was about the size of an everyday dinner fork, but had three, sharp tines.

Grandma alway had her fork nearby when she was cooking.  And mine is never far away from my stove top.  I've tried using tongs, but they just don't feel right in my hands.  I always go back the my granny fork.

You can get granny forks at Lehman's Hardware and Rada makes a nice, all metal one.  Isn't it fun how holding a granny fork in my hand brings back childhood memories of warm, soft grandma hugs and good food.

God bless,

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